What goes on in a Volunteer’s mind, working together for #IndiaDreamin17

Fortunately, I got the opportunity to volunteer for one of the greatest Community-led, community-driven Salesforce event in India and I couldn’t thank my friends any less. Indian Salesforce Communities have taken all the possible efforts to make it interesting, comfortable and engaging at the same time. We all wish to make it a huge success and our fingers are crossed tight. Our eyes are set in the future and all we can think of is #IndiaDreamin17.

I would like to give you a glimpse of what a #Volunteer is doing at a personal level, just to polish the efforts and make sure he is doing it just right!

First and foremost is the fair and transparent communication. Everyone is making sure that all the details and the latest updates are being shared with all the volunteers without any delay. Yesterday itself we got the list of MVP’s selected for this event and we all put our hands together to congratulate them and also boost them for the event. I congratulate all of them again!

Secondly, we ensure that all the responsibilities are divided into the different groups fairly and all of us connect every now and then to check on the previous tasks and assign new. This is very important to keep it going and envision all the problems that could arise at the last moment

Our board members ensured that we have exciting events and take-away’s lined up after each event. The Speakers are the emperors in their respective kingdoms and they would be sharing their expertise and their knowledge with all the Salesforce enthusiasts. I hope someday we get to represent Indian Salesforce community at #Dreamforce too.(fingers crossed 😉 )

We also have awesome vouchers for those who wish to take up Salesforce certifications post the event. If they are lucky enough, they can get 50% off on the certification fee straight! Woof!

Now, being a native Punekar, I am personally very excited to be visiting Noida for the first time. I am privileged to be working alongside the hot shots of Salesforce in India\m/. It is an excellent platform to connect, learn, share and grow together. After all the sweat and efforts put into this along with your day job, I would look forward to the wonderful speeches, training sessions, great friendly culture, shopping and yum street food. Plan to grab it all and come back home with loads of memories.

On this note, I would seal the article for now. I am a newbie to writing and was really nervous to express my thoughts on such a big platform. However, my excitement overcame my nervousness and here it is. Hope you get an insight of our daily offline tasks and we would really appreciate your presence at the event. DO share your thoughts in the comments and feel free to share it across if you find it worth! My next article would be my take on the event with all the details and happening pictures(a MUST!).

Here are the deets of the event:

Name: India Dreamin’17

Venue: G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, Plot No. 2, Knowledge Park III, Distt. G.B.Nagar, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306

Website: http://www.indiadreamin.in/

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