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Shivanath Devinarayanan

Shivanath Devinarayanan is an Architect and a certified Admin & Developer and has been with the Salesforce platform since 2010. Shivanath was awarded the MVP title in Spring’14 and is a 3-time Salesforce MVP. He also leads the Kerala and Gurgaon Salesforce Developer User Groups and Kerala and Chennai Salesforce User Groups.

Vinay Chaturvedi

Vinay Chaturvedi is working as a Principal Consultant and has been a Consultant/Developer/Geek/Evangelist, loving & living Salesforce since 2011. He has been awarded as a Salesforce MVP in 2016. Vinay is Noida User Group and Developer Group Leader and loves to blog all about Salesforce at http://www.vinaychaturvedi.com/blog/. Know more about him at http://www.vinaychaturvedi.com/ .

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