Bringing you India Dreamin’s much awaited Diamond Sponsors – SaaSfocus

With less than 3 weeks to go before India Dreamin hits the Salesforce community, it may be the perfect timing for our highly anticipated Diamond Sponsor announcement. As soon as Noida was chosen as the event venue, there were a number of companies in the region that we hoped would be extending support. SaaSfocus – a platinum consulting partner of Salesforce was one among them. We are delighted to share the news that they are now our official Diamond Partners!!

SaaSfocus has established itself as a leading boutique Salesforce consulting company in APAC. With their specialized technology consulting, they help customers realize their Digital Transformation Goal by leveraging the Salesforce platform. Their team has a laser sharp focus on understanding our customer’s needs, analyze the industries they operate in, and empathize with their customer experience. They have an impressive team in the forefront, along with an equally impressive clientele.

Thank you to the entire team for playing such a huge role in the event. Your generous support has gone a long way in making this event possible.

For more details on their success story, visit their website.

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